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Hair Loss Symptoms


Usually people will realize that their hair is falling out when they have thinning their hair on their head. This can happen when the amount of loose hair is greater than the amount of hair that grows.

Hair loss can occur suddenly or gradually, as well as it can only last a while or permanent, depending on the cause. Some of the signs that appear due to hair loss are:

1. Thinning of hair at the top of the head

Thinning of the hair at the top of the head is the most common symptom of hair loss, both in men and women.

2. Partial Balding

The condition is characterized by the appearance of baldness on only one or several areas of the head, and the surface of the bald scalp will feel smooth. Balding on the head can also be accompanied by the scalp becoming red, swollen, and secreting fluid. In addition to the scalp, balding can also occur on the beard or eyebrows.

3. Thinning of hair evenly on the head

Every day there are 50-100 strands of loose or falling hair, especially when combing or shampooing. A person who experiences hair loss may feel the amount of hair that comes off suddenly more. This condition results in a complete thinning of the hair on the head, not just in certain areas.

4. Hair loss throughout the body

This loss occurs in all parts of the body, not just on the scalp.

When to See a Doctor

When you feel disturbed or worried about the hair loss you are experiencing, please do not hesitate to consult a doctor about this. In addition, you are also recommended to see a doctor immediately if:

  • Hair loss occurs suddenly with an amount that exceeds the usual.
  • Experiencing balding.
  • The scalp of hair loss is reddened, swollen, or secretes fluid.
  • Hair loss is experienced after taking certain medications.

The dermatologist will find out the cause and determine whether or not special treatment is necessary to avoid baldness.

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